Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, Crappy Decade!

The Bush decade, with all its Cheney-isms, Bush-isms and Rumsfeldian haikus is over. Good riddance. It literally was like living through a never-ending nightmare at times. 9/11, the 3 trillion dollar war on the wrong country, Katrina, Banda Aceh, motherf***ing CEOs, corrupt politicians, stupid politicians, crooked politicians, philandering politicians, gay-bashing gay pastors, the end of habeas corpus as you know it, bailing out all the wrong people and sticking it to the helpless, the friendless and accomplice-less, health care reform like they do it in Bizarro World, global warming deniers, evolution deniers, intelligence-less Intelligent Design proponents, condescending curmudgeons, all the bloody lot of them: good riddance. Although, many of these plagues will be back in the next decade, no doubt, more corrupt, more condescending, more heartless, and more crooked than ever. That's the destiny of well-meaning, do-no-harm, live and let live, peace-loving people: to be vexed by the self-righteous bad examples.

The one sort-of-redeeming thing THE crappy decade left us is some memorable movies, as picked by Roger Ebert. It's amazing how many of his favorite movies of the decade made my favorites as list well. And his pick for number one is one film everybody must watch, and bow to, and watch, and thank Kaufman's mind for, and watch.

Happy 2010.

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