Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Elected Mr. Evilman, and Who Enables Him?

Douche "Evilman" Lieberman seems set to destroy health care reform. But single-handedly? No.

First of all, we have the more than 564,000 idiots voted for Lieberman in the 2006 Connecticut Senatorial Election to thank. In a perfect world they would have all repented by now, but chances are many have not. To those who have not I say: I hope you or someone you love is currently very ill, or about to become very ill, and will not receive needed health care because of the disingenuous and sophistic opposition of the very evil man you helped elect.

Then we have all the weak or spineless Democratic colleagues that helped turn Joe Lieberman, a pathetic cheat and liar, into the health care reform slaying monster he has revealed himself to be in the past few weeks. Every time they cave in to is whims and deceitful tactics, they betray the destiny of the nation. Every time they choose not to publicly expose and condemn his hypocritical justifications for opposing reform, they make him stronger. Every committee meeting that he chairs in spite of his active opposition to the Democratic Party's reform agenda is an insult to the millions of Americans whose life and financial stability depends on the quick passage of a meaningful reform bill.

I do not have a violent bone in my body so I am not advocating violence to solve the Evilman problem. I am counting on karma to do the job that good, peace-loving men cannot do before Sen. Evilman can ruin the lives of countless more Americans. Not single-handedly, but with much help from the many accessories to murder that have made his power possible.

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