Friday, December 18, 2009

Loopholes and the Shitty Senate Bill

Writing about the supposed prohibition on rescissions (the practice that allows insurance companies to cancel coverage on a customer for a number of less than honest reasons, including simply being sick), the always sharp McJoan at the Daily Kos points out that "[i]t's all going to boil down to how "fraud" and "intentional misrepresentation of material fact" are going to be interpreted in the regs written for this bill. Because insurance companies have been using "fraud" as the means for cutting people off for a long time." Do we really want insurers to define what constitutes fraudulent intent?

Brace yourself, for the bill the Senate is about to pass contains no effective cost control measures, (intentionally?) insufficient consumer protections, and a shitload of new money for insurance companies in the form of an individual mandate, all because too many Americans are too gullible, too conniving, too stupid to know or care, or all the above.

Politicians are not stupid, and the crooks amongst them take advantage of a lazy, uninformed or misinformed public to give back to their wealthy patrons.

More at the Daily Kos.

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