Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Inexhaustible Source of Hypocrisy

I'm telling you, if Republican hypocrisy where an energy source, we could instantly achieve energy-independence.

In an attempt to block health care reform, Republicans are now making the case, in unison as usual, that Democrats should not try to rush through Congress complex health care legislation without obtaining bipartisan agreement. "We need to get it right", they say.

If their intent is genuine, and not just the obvious obstructionist ploy it seems, then a question is in order: why didn't Republicans seek to reform the health care system between 2003 and 2006, with a Republican president and a Republican Congress? After all, the health care crisis is not new, it has only been getting worse every year in the last ten years, during which time employer-sponsored insurance premiums rose 119 percent. Why, if Republicans had been as "serious" about reforming health care then as they pretend to be now, they might even have been able to do it with bipartisan support, given how spineless some Democrats in the Senate are.

The answer is as obvious as it is exasperating: For Republicans, the system works exactly as it is intended to work: Not to provide health care to Americans, but to provide limitless profits to health insurance, pharmaceutical, and health care conglomerates, and their shareholders, which can then. Why tinker with perfection?

If you are not incensed by the hypocrisy, someone should check your pulse, quick!

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