Saturday, September 19, 2009

Those Who Protest Accusation of Racism Leveled Accusations of Anti-Patriotism

I happen to believe that the charges that at least some "tea party" protesters are racists are well founded. There is ample evidence that there is a creeping subtext of racism at rallies of health care reform protesters, evidenced by some of the signs that have been spotted around the nation, portraying President Obama as an illegal worker, as a monkey, as an African (yes, African, not African-American), and so on.

Keith Olbermann, the ultimate documenter of facts, put together an illuminating segment of the atmosphere that the right has been drumming up.

Most annoyingly, and hypocritically, those who now bemoan the accusations of racism leveled against them are the same types who have demeaned all who opposed President Bush's policy as unpatriotic.

There literally is no shame left, on the right.

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