Monday, September 14, 2009

A Shot Across the Corporate Ship's Bow

Watch this and join Ann Minch in her fight.

Note that Ann was a "good" customer: she made her payments, on time, and continued to do so even now that she does not have a permanent job.

Some people commented that she deserves the treatment she got from BofA because she signed a contract that allowed the bank to do as it did. Yes, we share part of the blame, but the system that Congress has allowed to go into effect, which allowed banks to raise a customer's interest rates to usury levels for reasons unrelated to the relationship they had with a specific lender (for example a late payment on another credit card, an increase in the debt to income ratio, etc.) is a poisonous system, stacked against the consumer in favor of the banking concerns that we, the American taxpayers, had to bail out. This is a matter of simple justice and fairness.

Let's give Ann our support!

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