Monday, September 14, 2009

Republicans Won't Allow Anyone Between Their Doctored Photos and the American People!

This is funny! Check out this photo:

The organizers of Saturday's 9/12 rally in Washington, a gathering of opponents of President Obama's health care reform, would have you believe that the crowd numbered in the millions, two million people, to be exact. This meme was reprised by the likes of Rush Limbaugh on today's radio show. As proof, they offered the photo above.

Turns out that the photo was taken before 2004 and is not a photo of Saturday's rally. In fact, the Washington Fire Department, those liberal bastards, put the real figure at roughly 60, 70,000 people. (You can click the photo above for a report on the story behind the picture, via Think Progress.)

You can click the photo for more on this latest conservative fiasco. Oh, and by the way, here is what 2 million people on the National Mall look like:

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