Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Republican Health Care Reform Plan

This is the Republican health care reform plan according to Rep. Grayson of Florida.

I cannot agree with the second part of Rep. Grayson's presentation. Republicans don't want sick people to die quickly. They simply don't care what happens to people after they get sick. Republicans view everything as an economic issue, as in "how much money can we and our corporate sponsors make or save when someone does get sick." Which is way, I guess, this is the only country in the world where sick people have to sell everything they own in order to pay their medical debts.

As I said before, if Republicans thought that the health care system needed reforming, they had plenty of time to do it when they held the country hostage for four years, with majorities in both chambers of Congress and a corporate puppet in the White House. They did not. That's all you need to know.

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JAMES DUNN said...

I compared Republican & Democratic healthcare plans with links to both proposals at my blog The Unfamiliar.

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