Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Douche 'til the Very End

Sen Lieberman is retiring, good riddance Sen. Lieberman.

In his "exit" interview on MSNBC, Sen. Lieberman insisted that Saddam had WMD's contrary to all evidence, and even to his "daddy's" (W's) words, and he condescendingly referred to Arianna Huffington, with whom he had just had a contentious discussion on the subject of WMD's, as "sweetheart". To put things in perspective, it's as if Arianna had addressed him as "genius" at the end of the interview.

Kudos to Arianna for saying this: "Well, based on this completely unfounded assumption [that WMD's existed], I sincerely hope for the sake of the country that you do not become Secretary of Defense." Well done, Arianna!

And, in related news, a more than adequate look by Keith Olbermann at Sen. Lieberman's career.

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