Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Amendment Insanity

It would be nice if, once in a while, heinous acts like yesterday's killings in Arizona were committed by sane right-wing individuals, aided and abetted by proud right-wing radio instigators. Alas, no suck luck.

Right-wing talk show hosts, even those who jokingly condone or blatantly advocate violence against liberals, always deny any involvement in the violent acts of those who take their words without the required grain of salt.

Worse, the perpetrators are never sane individuals. As right-wing hosts are always ready tell us, the perpetrators are always deranged individuals, detached from their surroundings and from the vitriol they would be exposed to if only they were not dangerous schizophrenics with no connection to the external world.

In the right-wing world, where violent rhetoric is inconsequential, where there is no cause and effect relationship between the words of an instigator and the actions of a madman, violence is always inexplicable, surely the result of individual folly.

The problem is that right-wingers think that everyone in the world is sane when it comes to the protection of Second Amendment rights. It is only AFTER those rights have been abused that we find out that the supposedly sane gun owner was in fact an insane perpetrator.

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