Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's See How Far This Goes (Likely, Not Far)

The citizens of Vermont, bless them, are rising against "corporate personhood". Good for them.

State Sen. Virginia Lyons will be bringing to the Vermont legislature a resolution that proposes "an amendment to the United States Constitution ... which provides that corporations are not persons under the laws of the United States." According Christopher Ketcham, whose article appeared recently on Alternet, "[s]ources in the state house say it has a good chance of passing."

It is unlikely that corporate personhood will be revoked by amendement any time soon, if ever, but we owe Sen. Lyons and the people of Vermont a big thanks for trying to bring back sanity to a system in which corruption has become institutionalized thanks to corporation's overwhelming power on the political stage. The process needs to start somewhere, and Vermont is where it starts.

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