Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making a Living Making Shit Up

Thanks to outlets like Faux News, it has become possible for an incredibly large number of ignorant asses to make a living making shit. This includes the experts, pundits, and hosts that spew falsehoods and misinformation to their complicit and ignorant audience, as well as politicians who would have been laughed out of any congress in any serious nation in the world.

Anyway, one of the individuals who best exemplify this situation is--you guessed it!--Glenn Beck. So it is always nice when someone finds the time to debunk Beck's inane statements for what they are: the ignorant rants of a man who makes a living by making shit up that people are eager to scarf down in their infinite gullibility an ignorance.

This time it's University of Pennsylvania history professor Rick Beeman who gives Beck a well-deserved and humbling lesson after Beck said that the 3/5ths clause in the Constitution was a step TOWARDS the abolition of slavery. Beeman's reaction? "My Goodness -- Glenn Beck got it completely wrong." Media Matter's takedown of Beck's ignorant bleating is well worth a read.

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