Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jonah Goldberg's And His Batshit Crazy Liberal Fascism Theory

I just discovered this interesting post by David Neiwert, Historians vs. Jonah Goldberg, on the truly batshit crazy book by Jonah Goldberg entitled Liberal Fascism, in which the hopelessly inept would-be historian wastes 496 pages in an attempt to to make the point that fascism is a phenomenon not of the right, but of the left.

Because the book has become a favorite of the Tea Party's right, in spite of--or, more likely, just because of--its fantastic interpretation of facts and history, Neiwert has sought "a serious response from academics to Goldberg's traduced version of history", a version of history that Goldberg himself has hailed as "a very serious, thoughtful, argument that has never been made in such detail or with such care."

Not everyone, particularly real historians, agrees with Goldberg's ass-essement of his own work, and a few historians responded to Neiwert's request to answer the book's batshit theory.

Here is a link to the History News Network website, which hosts the critiques and ensuing discussion of Goldberg's work of fiction. Below the Introduction by Neiwert himself you can find links to the critiques of Liberal Fascism by, among others, historians Robert O. Paxton (the author of The Anatomy of Fascism, one of the definitive books on the subject), and Matthew Feldman.


The Zionist Gazette said...

Fascism is of the left, so is Nationalist Socialism which is the NAZI party. If you would even attempt to study history from the actual documents, philosophy, and actions of the Nazi's and Fascist you would clearly discern they are far left. You have to examine history without your head up your ass.

Ignore "leftist" history "revisionist" get off your ass, go to a library and read the "news print" from those days. A simple act that liberals are incapable of doing while rewriting history.

"Fascism was founded in Italy by Benito Mussolini, who began his political career in Socialist circles but came to embrace the idea of an authoritarian, nationalist "corporate state" to achieve his ideals. Unlike Lenin, Mussolini's ideology definitely did not include international revolution, stressing instead the unity and glory of the Italian nation and the dangers posed to the nation and its culture by Communist-inspired workers' revolt. Fascism, though a radical movement, emphasized discipline and devotion to a birth nation rather than fighting for class interests. This made Fascism far more palatable to traditional elements of society such as business interests and the church, who saw in it a means to organize the working and middle classes to defend their interests against Communism. Mussolini chose the title Duce (leader) and modelled his image on the emperors of ancient Rome, developing a "cult of personality" around himself."

(See Obama regime, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, any Chinese leader or leftist government.)


Sirfab said...

Thank you, Zionist Gazette, for giving a lesson on fascism to an Italian (that's where I am from. Yeah, how could you possibly know?)

Your (mis-)reading of fascist history is so shallow that it would take more of my time to refute than I care to spend. So just keep wallowing in fantasy.

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