Monday, September 29, 2008

Congressman Kucinich Will Never Be President

In a country which chooses its presidential candidates based on trifling factors, like electability, looks, and their likability factor (would you like to have a beer with your former alcoholic president?), Congressman Kucinich will never be president. Too bad, because he is hardly ever off base on the issues.

I know sometimes he acts "goofy", and that he looks like Dr. McCoy's close relative (but then again, Bush looks sometimes like a Gremlin and he got elected anyway--but then again Kucinich does not have a Daddy whose friends can buy him the White House.) Nonetheless, he has been consistently right on many almost all issues, including during the Democratic debates. (Continued below the fold.)

He was right about a single-payer solution for health care. So right, in fact, that he was disqualified from participating in a debate on health care, sponsored by the AARP (which "derives significant income from the sale of health and life insurance policies"), so you can see why he was not welcome to debate his opponents.

He was right on the war in Iraq (and has consistently voted against funding it, since it was apparent it was the only way to stop the Bush Administration's madness.)

He is against NAFTA and thinks the U.S. should withdraw from it because the treaty does not adequately safeguard American workers or the environment.

He voted against the Patriot Act, and the 2006 Military Commissions Act.

He wants to end the war on drugs, and to legalize homosexual marriage.

Most importantly, he introduced to the House floor articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney, because intentionally leading a country into war under false pretenses is a more serious offense that getting serviced in the Oval room.

He holds many other positions on which I completely agree with him.

And now, surprise surprise, he is also right on the financial crisis.

John Nichols of The Nation says about Congressman Kucinich:

That Kucinich is spot-on [on the financial crisis and the bailout] comes as no great surprise.

When he bid for the Democratic presidential nomination this year, he spoke more consistently and more bluntly about the economic crisis than any of the other contenders.

Kucinich was not treated particularly seriously the media or his fellow Democratic candidates.

Now that Kucinich has been proven right, however, Barack Obama might want to pay attention to what the former mayor, state legislator and veteran congressman is saying.

He actually gets it.

Read the rest of the very brief article here.


My name is Courtney said...

Fantastic article, thank you for writing it!

I think part of me is always going to dream of the day when I could talk about all the good President Kucinich is doing.

Sirfab said...

Thank you, Courtney.

Alas, I fear the best we can hope for is Gov. or Sen. Kucinich, but we can keep hoping, can't we?

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