Friday, September 12, 2008

Lying. Again? has this analysis of Gov. Palin's statement on the importance of Alaska in the US energy mix. Needless to say, she fu**ed things up again.

Why is this so important? Because, when asked what qualifications Gov. Palin brings to the vice-presidency against the challenge of Islamist extremism, which McCain considers the most important issue facing the US, he first fumbled, then replied this (watch the video below):

McCain's answer, of course, is ridiculous. Think about it: if as McCain said knowledge of the energy sector constitutes a sufficient qualification to be selected as vice-president, then any CEO, past of present, of a company in the energy sector would be infinitely more qualified, both as an executive and in terms of specific knowledge, than Gov. Palin. Which means, of course, that whatever McCain says of the reasons that led him to pick Gov. Palin, he picked her for two reasons: she is a religious extremist, and she is a woman. End of story.

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