Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Redistributing Wealth? Give Me A (Tax) Break!

I just heard another shameless talking head (Eric Cantor, R-Virginia) say that Obama wants to raise taxes on Americans and redistribute wealth, and I cannot take it any more.

For the umpteenth time: Obama's plan will cut taxes for everyone but the wealthiest 5% of Americans. 95% of Americans would see larger cuts under President Obama than under President McSame (or McShameless, if you prefer, given the type of campaign he and his surrogates have been running--false attack, after false ad, after false attack, endlessly).

And by the way, if you really want to talk about wealth redistribution, the biggest talking point of Republican scaremongers this year, ask yourself this:

Do you think that the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG execs, who ran their companies into the ground and sailed away with their golden parachutes, are returning any of the money they stole? Guess who just bailed their bankrupt companies, or paid for lost tax revenues for their mismanagement? WE DID! Gullible, senseless, ignorant American taxpayers!

We believe everything talking heads tell us, so I guess most of us deserve it. But what is it you don't fricking understand?

When Republicans tell you that Democrats want *socialized* medicine for you, trying to scare your pants off with visions of brown shirts marching from the Washington Monument to Lincoln's Memorial, while *bureaucrats* decide what doctor you are allowed to see, they are working to deny you of one of the most basic human rights, recognized by all civil societies: access to healthcare. Their prescription? More free-market, the same free-market that brought you skyrocketing insurance costs, 100 million un- or under-insured folks, high deductibles, non-payment of benefits you thought you had and never knew you didn't, until you needed them, and I could go on, and on.

And yet, when Fannie Mae goes under, we rescue it with tax money that we can hardly spare because we have squandered more than half a trillion dollars on a war we did not need to fight in Iraq, and because the cost of everything we buy every day has gone up, and the value of our one home (not ten houses, like McCain's) has dropped 15-20%, and our pay stagnates (if we are lucky enough to have kept our job), and we cannot afford to see a doctor because our Republican representatives (and too many Democrats) are swimming in pools of gold inside the pockets of their health insurance contributors. We had to do it, though, we are told, because the consequences for Americans would be much more catastrophic if we hadn't. And we are so stupid, or duped, or both, that we don't even pay attention any more to the fact that the McCain campaign is full of surrogates who have enabled this economy to get to this crashing point, who have already taken the money and run. They have not run away, their heads lowered in shame. They have run to the open arms of the White House and the Republican party, who day after day enlists and/or creates crooks from and for the private sector.

No one dares speak the truth: we live in a fallen nation, where crooks pocket the profits and socialize the risk, while we elect the people that make it all possible!

This corrupt system relies on the enablers and the complicity of the conservative media establishment. People like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mike Savage, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller on a national level, and "Gunny" Bob, Mike Rosen, Jon Caldara, Caplis, Oliver, here in Colorado, feed us a daily dose of demonstrably false crap, and we are to too lazy or too dumb not to believe them. These hacks, these word mercenaries, spoon-feed us the ridiculously false reasons why we must not vote for Obama in November: Obama's a Muslim, he will raise your taxes, he is all smoke-and-mirrors (this one is particularly insulting, from the party that brought you the war in Iraq), he wants to teach sex to kindergartners, and--did I mention--he wants to raise your taxes. These are people whose credibility should be in the shitter, after eight years of covering up for the natural and artificial disasters that Bush and Republican allowed to happen or contributed to, with their distaste for efficient government and a job well done. They should be hanging their heads in shame. Instead, they are on TV every day with their big lying smiles, or on the radio, spewing their hateful lies, with total impunity. Not just impunity: every for years, we reward them?!?

If we elect another Republican president to the White House in November, we will have truly deserved the crumbs that will trickle down from the top 5% of earners, and the downpour of shit, and disasters, and sickness, and spin that we will choke under.

But I should say you, not we, because the world is my oyster, and if McCain is elected, I will move to a place where people do not bend forward, with their pants down, every four years, ready to be willingly f***ed when a political party tells them "vote for us, or gays will be allowed to marry!"

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