Friday, September 26, 2008

Not All Crises Are Created Equal

Some crises warrant canceling an appearance on a late night show, some do not.

The McCain campaign has released an official excuse to explain why Sen. McCain canceled his appearance on Letterman on Wednesday night, only to be caught taping an appearance with Katie Couric.

An NBC News transcript shows that Ms. Nicole Wallace, a McCain campaign spokeswoman, said the following in an interview with the Today show with Matt Lauer: "I think we felt that this wasn't a night for comedy. David Letterman is, at all hours, very funny and humorous. And so I don't think people felt that having a few laughs last night was a priority, so." To which Lauer commented: "So it just was about comedy, not rushing--not actually rushing back to Washington." Exactly, Matt Lauer.

And in fact, the next morning McCain spoke at the Clinton Initiative--in NEW YORK.

So why am I still ranting about this? Because, as it happens, Ms. Wallace's explanation is a bit fishy. Why? Because on the night of Aug 29, 2005, Sen. McCain appeared on Conan O'Brien. In case you don't remember, on Aug 29, 2005, the levees broke in New Orleans.

In other words, not all crises are created equal in McCain's world. Of course, crises acquire a more solemn look when one is in the middle of a presidential campaign, right?

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