Monday, September 29, 2008

Sen. McCraps?

Sen. McCain has many problems. The most apparent ones lately are that he knows nothing about the economy, and that he has no qualms about lying about his record or his opponent's, rather embellishing the former and slandering the latter. He also has--what do you know--a gambling problem.

I like going to Las Vegas myself, once in a while, so far be it from me to chastise Sen. McCain for his penchant for gambling (although the gambling problem that the NY Times reports in its article is a little more complex.)

But I rather wonder how the Sen. McCraps' Evangelical base will react, and what they will do on November 4th?

My guess is that they will hold their noses, vote for Gov. Palin, and pray that the Lord's will be done--soon into the first term.

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