Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lies: The Bridge To The White House

Watch out: The McCain/Palin ticket lies about everything in sight.

They lie about Sen. Obama's tax plan, saying it will raise your taxes. True only if you make more than $250,000. Look for the side by side comparison of the effects of Obama v. McCain's plan. Newsweek also has an article about McCain's lies on Obama's record on taxes.

They lie about his health care plan, corporate welfare for oil companies, and foreign trade.

They attack him on education, saying he wanted kindergartners to learn sex-ed before they knew how to read.

And, of course, they lie often and shamelessly about their own record.

Sarah Palin, on the bridge to nowhere:

McCain lied on social security privatization.

McCain lied about oil drilling, too, a favorite of Republican voters.

McCain even lies about his campaign's lies.

McCain/Palin: Pinocchio Change.

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