Sunday, October 19, 2008

Avoid Straight Party Voting!

The fraud of 2008 is under way, and it has nothing to do with ACORN.

There have been numerous confirmed reports of machine "malfunctions" that cause the vote for president not to be counted by electronic machines when the "straight party vote" option is selected.

Please read the following alert to see if it applies to the state you live in.

My prediction? If polls tighten to within 3-4 percentage points in key battleground states, McCain will magically pull off an upset, and the media analysis will revolve around the "Bradley Effect", instead of focusing on the known machinations of corrupt election officials.

Oh, and Fix News will launch the following alternative explanation, which all other networks will swarm like pilot fish: thousands of voters registered fradulently by ACORN in key states did not show up to vote or were rejected at the polls. In other words, Fix News will say, ACORN's new voter numbers were inflated by their fraud, which we were the first ones to tell you about, when the true explanation has to do with vote suppression instead, at the hands of Republican vote challengers. Remember, Rove's goal is "a permanent Republican majority."

I hope I am wrong.

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