Thursday, October 16, 2008

Voter *Registration* Fraud, Republican Dirty Tricks, and David Iglesias

If you do not know who David Iglesias is, you should.

Iglesias is the New Mexico US Attorney who, when pressured to do so by Republican operatives and members of the Bush administration, refused to prosecute voter registration fraud which he had no evidence for. Subsequently he was fired by the Administration, in spite of having received positive job performance reviews.

Watch Greg Palast's report for the BBC (less than 3 minutes long) and listen to NPR's interview with David Iglesias (about 20 minutes long).

This all ties in with the Republican brouhaha about ACORN with less than 20 days to go in this year presidential election.

The real scandal, of course, is not voter registration fraud, which leads to actual voter fraud in a very limited number of cases. It is caging, the illegal practice which prevents hundreds of thousands of legally registered voters, if not millions, from casting a vote.

The problem is that in order to appear unbiased toward the two parties, the media covers voter fraud registration and caging as if they both had the same gravity, although--of the two--only one, caging, constitutes voter fraud. This type of reporting, which does not discriminate between degrees of severity, has very grave consequences, because it leaves unsophisticated audiences under the mistaken impression that both parties have engaged in voter fraud. Only one has, and it does not refrain from firing its on appointees when they don't all march in lockstep to the beat of the RNC's drum.

Watch Now's report on voter caging (about 17 minutes long, altogether).

Part 1

Part 2

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