Sunday, October 19, 2008

West Virginia Votes Switched From Dems To GOP

Early voting is under way, and the Charleston Gazette reports that voters complained of their vote being switched (in the report, from Democratic to Republican.)

Voting is a partisan exercise. Counting votes is not, or should not be.

When I cast a vote, I want it be counted as I cast it. Once again, we go back to the fact that votes must be verifiable and hand-countable, and in many cases this is not true.

Many electronic voting systems do not allow manual recounts. This is a travesty.

West Virginia is not the only state where problems have been reported already. The list is long.

In related news, the Washington Post reports, and Brad Blog reprises the article, that massive vote purges that have led to thousands of registered voters being incorrectly rejected at the polls.

All these reports show that we need non-partisan, federal voting standards. Same equipment (or ballots), same vote verification mechanisms, same registration forms, one voter database, one identification procedure, everywhere in the country.

To complete the sad picture of our election system just two weeks before the election, news just came that a the owner of YMP, a GOP voter registration outfit, has been arrested in California for actual voter registration fraud. I wrote about about YMP's suspicious activities, in this post, just yesterday.

We can no longer allow a system in which voting registration, election management, and board of elections are a partisan affair.

The next Congress, and the next President owe it to the American people to set up a non-partisan, fair voting system.

Please follow the links to Black Box Voting and Voters Unite for more information, and for ways you can help.

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