Monday, October 06, 2008

John "Nero" McCain

As the Dow plunges, the 401k plans of many middle-class Americans are worth less and less, and many financial experts warn that this is just the beginning of a much larger crash, what does John "Nero" McCain do?

First he poses as the savior of the economy by parachuting himself onto the Senate floor just in time to see (make?) a done deal collapse; then he blames his opponent for sitting it out on the sidelines and takes credit for a new bill before it, too, fails to pass; and finally he votes in favor of a $700 billion rescue package that, under his supervision, balloons all of a sudden into an $850 billion bill, due to the last minute addition of billions in "pork"--the very "pork" he had railed against until two weeks ago.

And now that the battleground states that Bush won in 2004 are starting to turn from fiery red to cool blue, John "Nero" McCain--never one to miss the pulse of the nation--has turned to fiddling the "Obama connection with Ayers" tune over the burning ruins of America's economy.

Well, once again: well done, John "Nero" McCain!

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