Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain's Own Ties To ACORN

While the RNC/FNC (Republican National Committee/Faux News Channel) alliance is leading in the push to paint ACORN as an organization hell bent on delivering the election to Democrats through "voter fraud" (actually, voter "registration" fraud, but why be sticklers for accuracy, right?), guess who served at keynote speaker at an ACORN conference (on immigration reform) in 2006?

Well, you might say, that was 2006, and McCain was not running for president then. True, but as we are being reminded on the hour every day, on every cable channel and radio talk show, ACORN has been at it at least since 2004. Never mind that ACORN cooperated with authorities in all cases of alleged registration fraud. Never mind that ACORN itself is a victim, not a perpetrator of fraud. And never mind that most of the states in which probes on voter registration fraud have been launched are "toss-up" states, i.e. states on which Republicans have an interest in casting a long shadow on the legitimacy of a likely Obama win.

So why would John McCain want to associate himself with a group whose goal, according to Republicans, is to fix elections in favor of Democrats? Well, he is a maverick of course. Or perhaps it's because duplicity knows no boundaries in McCain's make-believe maverick world.

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