Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sen. Bernie Sanders On Real Time

Below is a clip of Sen Bernie Sanders's (I-VT) appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night.

Sen. Sanders got the biggest ovation I remember a politician getting on Real Time, when he said the following:
There is a lot of hate out there, and it's often among white guys. And you know why they're angry? They're angry because they're working really hard, their standard of living is going down, they're working really hard and the world is passing them by and they're not... they don't understand why. And instead of getting angry at the big money interests who are sending their jobs abroad, or taking away their health insurance, or giving tax breaks to people who don't need it, what the Republicans have successfully done is [they've] taken that anger, and turned it on gay people, turned it on the abortion issue. And what our job is is to bring people, in my view, around a progressive agenda, which is "let's all work together, you're a working person, let's work together.

Notably, Sen. Sanders calls himself a Democratic socialist, which is just about the most extreme suicidal maneuver a politician could perform in the United States. And yet, his message is more powerful than any prejudice the American people may have, and he keeps getting re-elected. Kudos, people of Vermont!

Earlier in the clip, Bill Maher also made the following comment about people who use Joe The Plumber's rationale ("Republicans will make it easier for me to get rich!") to decide who to vote for:
He's voting on the basis of a fantasy! He actually benefits from Obama's tax plan, but in his mind... His great wealth [...] only exists in his head, because Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity talk to him in the car every day and they get him all [worked up] about the immigrants and the gays and all these people, and the liberals, and this "uppity" black man that's going to be the president, they're all going to take away this fantasy life that doesn't exist. This is what's so sad about it. [Emphasis added.]

Incidentally, does Bill Maher read this blog? :-)

Watch it soon, before it is removed from YouTube.


Tacoma Dumpster Diving said...


Bill had Rep. Sanders (I-VT) on Friday night... He says he is a Democratic Socialist. Claims he follows the Scandinavian countries' policies...

RESULT -- Audience cheers wildly...

FACT: Would Bill Mayer want to open up his property to people who want to camp on it in tents????


That is what happens in Norway... BY LAW YOUR LAND CAN BE USED BY ANYBODY....

Want to set up a tent on your neighbors land in the country -- you can!!!

Twelve percent of the land in the county is set aside as nature conservation areas, but backpacking and camping isn’t limited to park lands. Hikers roaming Nordland’s countryside take advantage of Norway’s lack of “trespassing” laws - one may walk or camp on any land which is not cultivated.


Sirfab said...

I am not Bill Mayer, and Bill Maher isn't either. I am sure if Bill Mayer read this blog, he'd have an excellent answer for you.

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