Friday, October 17, 2008

Sen. McCain, Stop The Lunacy!

Michele Bachman may not speak for Sen. McCain, but this is something he needs to repudiate!

If McCain says nothing, his silence will confirm what we have known all along: That he, his campaign and his party, represent the worst this country has to offer. Nothing but incendiary, divisive rhetoric, aimed at destroying opponents. In essence, the exact antithesis of what he represents as his best quality: the ability to reach across the aisle.

It will also say that he agrees with Bachmann's point of view that "people would love to see an exposé like that", referring to the House Un-American Activities Committee led by Joe McCarthy, another exemplary Republican whose idea of liberty was closer to Mussolini's than to the Founding Fathers'. Yes, Ms. Bachmann: people are dying for another witch hunt like McCarthyism, but this time let's do it more like the Spanish Inquisition, for ratings' sake, and have Fox News televise it 24 hours a day. Oh, and let's have you chair the committee and hope that your political career is as long and prosperous as McCarthy's.

And by the way, I just contributed to Tinkleberg 08, as I hope other readers will do.

America, you must give these dangerous charlatans the electoral drubbing they deserve on Nov 4.

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