Monday, October 13, 2008

On McCain's Association With (And Compliments To) Domestic Terrorists

A slanderous, Obama-hating blog, which never misses an opportunity to condemn Sen. Obama and Biden's behavior and judgment while glossing over or omitting examples of analogous behavior by McCain and Palin, all the while claiming to be grounded in reason, recently featured the following post: Obama's Close Association With An American Terrorist.

I replied to that post that while Obama's tenuous association with William Ayers has been much touted by the mainstream media (which the blog in question accuses of favoring Obama, while excluding the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Washington Times, and anti-liberal, hate-spewing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. from the membership in MSM), little has been made of McCain's own connection, and support of, another domestic terrorist: G. Gordon Liddy.

The owner of the blog replied the following:

"So what if McCain has some connection to Liddy? Liddy is not terrorist who hates America, as is Ayers. Every politician has multiple contacts. The problem is Obama's deep ideological connections with William Ayers." (emphasis mine)

As is often the case, the Curmudgeon is both misleading and misinformed.

Liddy WAS (is?) a terrorist, as Carl Bernstein correctly points out.

The fact that Obama has "deep ideological connections with William Ayers" is also a complete fabrication, but it is permissible under the Curmudgeon's own rule of engagement because it serves to prove his entirely subjective point.

As for the contention that Ayers hated America, while Liddy--who trampled the constitution and advocated terrorism--doesn't, that's just typical of the attitude of the Constructive Curmudgeon has for facts. Facts that conform with his view of the world are sacred, those that go against it are fantasy instead. And should skeptics dare express a contrary opinion, Curmudgeon will be quick to censor them as needed under the pretext of incivility.

Note for misleading curmudgeons: While the truth can be scathing, that does not make it uncivil.

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