Friday, October 17, 2008

Voter Homework, Oct 17

With two weeks or so to go before the election, and in the wake of what the Republican echo chamber led by Fox News continues to misleadingly call voter fraud by ACORN, many shows have been talking about election fraud. Bill Moyers, as so often, did it best.

Watch the Moyers interview with NYU professor and election expert, Mark Crispin Miller.

PBS's Now also has an interesting report on the implications that the current economic crisis has in a battleground state, Virginia. It contains some really scary comments by a voter who says she is not going to vote for Obama because of his name, the fact that his mother was an atheist and that his father was a Muslim, but some heartening facts, too, like the fact that U.S. troops serving overseas have contributed five times as much money to Obama's campaign than to McCain, showing that the Republican stranglehold on military vote is perhaps starting to crumble.

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