Monday, August 24, 2009

The Failed Massachussets Model For All Instead of Medicare For All

Chris Hedges This Isn't Reform, It's Robbery is a must read for anyone seeking facts to counter the despicable talking points of reform opponents. This paragraph by Hedges is perhaps the best summary of where we are heading:

The bills now in Congress will, at best, impose on the country the failed model in Massachusetts. That model will demand that Americans buy health insurance from private insurers. There will be some subsidies for the very poor but not for anyone above a modest income. Insurers will be allowed to continue to jack up premiums, including for the elderly. The bankruptcies due to medical bills and swelling premiums will mount along with rising deductibles and co-payments. Health care will be beyond the reach of many families. In Massachusetts one in six people who have mandated insurance still say they cannot afford care, and 30,000 people were evicted from the state program this month because of budget cuts. Expect the same debacle nationwide.

It is criminal that mantras like "death panels", "socialist takeover", and "government bureacrauts will make decisions that should be made by you and your doctor" have successfully hijacked, courtesy of a useless and complicit media landscape.

Do not sit on your hands, don't be an accomplice. Call your representatives, and let them know you want Medicare For All.

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