Sunday, August 09, 2009

Health Care Reform For Sale

President Obama has caved in. He has given the pharmaceutical industry what it wanted, which is really shameful because during last year's presidential campaign he had led us to believe that he would take on PhRMA.

When a health care reform bill is passed, we will be told that it is a good deal for the American people, the best deal we could get; that it is a historical moment in the history of the nation, that all parties to the deal, Congress and industry, need to be commended for their hard work, and for coming up with a pragmatic solution that addresses the needs of the American people but does not weaken the competitiveness and innovation of the best system in the world. To which we should respond: Bullshit.

The more time passes, the more apparent it is becoming that the defenders of private interests are gaining ground, and that the American people are less and less likely to get what they need out of so called reform.

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