Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Injection of Sense in the Abortion v Health Care Reform Debate

As a companion piece to my previous post, I offer this one, which I just read on the Guttmacher Institute website:

Health Care Reform is good news for the unborn

Not enough attention is being brought to the fact that, currently, uninsured women procure abortions at a disproportionally high rate. It's easy to see why. The woman who doesn't have health insurance has to fully pay for the hight cost of pre-natal and pediatric care and would actually realize a financial gain if she chose to abort.

To restate: Uninsured women are being subsidized to abort their children. Women who have a choice about health care options are more likely to bring their pregnancies to term.

You may argue that repealing the Hyde Amendment would be 'pro-abortion'. Perhaps you're right, but it could never be as pro-abortion as poverty is. If you really care about the well being of the very young you should be doing everything you can to advance Health Care Reform.

Paul Bradford

Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

Now, that is a refreshing, inspiring, and intelligent way to push the need for health care reform with those who are usually duped by wolves in Christian clothing.

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