Friday, August 07, 2009

Please... Cut The Crap!!!

Listening to Thom Hartmann's program today I heard a mention of Please... Cut The Crap!!!, a website dedicated to debunking Republican bunkum.

The author(s) of the website have done a bang-up job to debunk the long list of lies, fallacies, and misleading conservative statements about HR 3200. Due to the length of the bill, and the related lies, the bunkum-crushing project has been split into various parts. See part I and part II, with part III to follow soon.

(I had started debunking this seemingly endless list of conservative crap myself, but I was steaming after reaching the lies about page 59, of the 1200 page document, so I am glad I found the cut the crap site.)


Part III is now here.

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