Friday, August 21, 2009

Maddow Ridicules Grand Old Phonies

In the first video, Rachel uses a somewhat overwrough basketball analogy to show the insanity of the Republicans' new spin on passing health care reform: reform should pass only if it can garner 80 votes in the Senate. Unbelievable. Where do they find the balls?

In the second video, Rachel takes on President Obama's acknowledgement of Sen. Grassley's effort to reach an agreement on health care reform. Maddow exposes Grassley's hypocrisy asan old lady challenges him not to trust research by the Lewin Group because, she warns him, it is a subsidiary of United Health Care (although, admittedly, she is a little confused on Richard Helmsley's hourly pay. Helmsley is the CEO of United Health Care). Grassley quotes the Lewin Group (actually not just a subsidiary, but a wholly-owned subsidiary of UHC) as one of the objective reasons why he opposes the public option. Sen. Grassley also repeats the ridiculous request that the Senate should pass reform only if it can reach an 80 vote majority.

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